SOLUTIONS - Guiding people to useful, productive, and whole lives
Don't Let a Living Problem with Drugs or Alcohol Get in the Way of a Satisfying Life
We believe when individuals are guided in a thoughtful and respectful way, by others who have walked a similar path, who are free from the bewilderment, sense of spiritual abandonment, and hopelessness which made living so unsatisfactory, they will be moved to reach out for help which will redirect their lives in ways that are productive, useful, and whole.
We offer a guided study of the Twelve Steps, the principles of recovery, and the book Alcoholics Anonymous.
Classes are held in Edina, Minnesota, and via distance learning on SKYPE. The course includes presentations on alcoholism and addiction as illnesses (not moral failure), science of addiction (brain chemistry, neuroscience), chronic relapse issues, lifestyle changes that advance recovery, and others involving video, and self-reflective exercises. SOLUTIONS is not treatment, but it does fold in the best ideas chemical dependency treatment research and practice offer.

Distance Learning on Skype!
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